Some Flower Stereography

3D imagery to battle the winter doldrums. No goggles required.

Text and photos by LensAfield

Before I present the images, if you are not familiar with how to see stereo imagery please read this primer. You could right-click on the link and open the primer in a separate window for quick access if you need assistance seeing the images in 3D as you are learning.

While you will be able to view images on a phone, their small size makes achieving the effect difficult and is not likely to give you a good viewing experience. I strongly recommend viewing on the bigger screen of a tablet or your computer monitor.

Note that the images are arranged based on the fact that the general population is right-eye dominant. Yes, it matters, as the primer will explain. The primer will show you how to determine which is your dominant eye. If there are enough people who are left-eye dominant, I will try to provide a set of reworked images.

Once you are viewing the first image locked in 3D mode, you should even be able to scroll up and down the page without starting the process again for each image.

Be patient. This takes some practice, but once you have it down, it’s like riding a bike.

NOTE: The banner image cannot be seen in stereo. It is just an image I created to mimic the color channels used to produce 3D movies that you watch wearing special goggles.

1• the effect is subtle
2• a touch overdone
3• a favorite
4• a good one!
5• another good one
6• Does the increased brightness here bother you?
8• My favorite.



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