Missing in (Shutter) Action

Something more important is keeping me from getting out to shoot…two things, actually.

2 min readApr 7, 2023

I haven’t produced new content in quite some time because I don’t have time to get out and shoot, or write about it. Something else is on my mind and taking up all my free time.

The intersection of AI and photography — and things that claim to be “photography” — has created a new world of image-creation possibilities…but not without some deep concerns about intellectual property rights due to unrestrained technology and the rush to monetize.

See my previous post, written in the early days of this frenzy which was outdated within an hour of posting. The release of new AI-generative toys technarcotized™ the public, acculturating it to the benign side of technologies they don’t understand, and doing so at deliberate warp speed—before legislators and lawsuits become but a speedbump to their operations.

So we get to why I’m busy:
We, photographers, have been robbed and will continue to be abused, if we don’t become major players in this battle. I have a new independent project that will delve into the nexus of AI, the law of intellectual property, and photography. It is still very much under development, but I have produced a Backstory, an About page, a site policy page, and the first topical post. The Announcements section is where to find updates and quick comments that will eventually become the subjects of future posts — there is one there now. Please check it out.

The subject is important; the research is voluminous. I’m doing what I can when I can. Please join me at:
and a new more social companion project:




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